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We are a specialist recruitment and employment business, focusing primarily in the supply of quality temporary and permanent driving, industrial and support staff to diverse clients throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bucks and Greater London.

First Call enjoys preferred supplier status, and works in partnership with blue-chip clients including the nation's supermarket chains, the Postal Service and Local Government bodies.

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Terms and Conditions of Business for Temporary Workers

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  1. The service provided by First Call for the supply of temporary workers are conducted subject to the following terms and conditions which are incorporated into all agreements between First Call and its client for the supply of temporary workers.

  2. In the absence of express acceptance by or no behalf of the client of the services of any temporary worker supplied by First Call.

  3. The terms and conditions stated herein shall prevail in the event of any conflict between these conditions and any terms and conditions. Any amendment or variation of these terms and conditions may only be made in writing and no employee of First Call has authority to amend or vary these terms and conditions. Any variation must be agreed in writing with a Director of First Call.

Service Provided

  1. First Call hire temporary workers to clients on a temporary basis. Temporary workers are not employees of First Call but are engaged under contract services. Temporary workers are paid by First Call

  2. First Call are responsible for the payment of wages, the deduction of National Insurance and Schedule E Income Tax (P.A.Y.E) applicable to temporary workers as required by law.

  3. It is the practice of First Call to check references in respect of its temporary workers and to ensures far as practicable that they will be suitable for the client’s requirements. First Call cannot however guarantee that references have been checked in all cases nor can First Call warrant the ability of any temporary worker supplied to the client.

Operation of the Service

  1. All arrangements concerning a temporary worker’s attendance and conditions of work with the client shall be made through First Call.

  2. First Call will advise the client at the time of receiving a booking of the hourly charge, and this will be further shown on the confirmation of terms of business, for all hours worked. The client hereby agrees to pay the hourly charge plus VAT.

  3. The client’s signature of temporary workers timesheets is a presumption of the client’s satisfaction with work done and signifies that First Call shall make a payment to its temporary workers for the hours shown.

Payments of Accounts

  1. Accounts shall be payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Wages of temporary workers are paid out in advance of receipt of charges levied and consequently First Call will charge interest which the client hereby agrees to pay, at the rate of 5% for each 30-day period elapsing from the invoice date.

Obligations of the Client

  1. The client should ensure at the commencement of the period when a temporary worker is supplied that the temporary worker has the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out the duties required, including those necessary for the operation of any machinery or vehicles.

Control and Supervision

  1. All temporary workers supplied are subject to the client’s control and supervision and the client shall determine the way work is carried out, and such work shall be the client’s sole responsibility.

  2. The client agrees to be solely responsible for all the acts errors and omission of the temporary worker whether wilful, negligent or otherwise.  


  1. The client is responsible for adequately insuring all temporary workers supplied by First Call agonist all employer’s liabilities and third-party risks.

Legal Requirements

  1. Subject to condition 5 the client shall comply with all Legal requirements whatsoever directly or indirectly connected with the services rendered by any temporary worker.


  1. In addition, and without prejudice to the terms and conditions of business herein stated the client undertakes to indemnity always keep indemnified First Call against all liabilities suffered or incurred by First Call arising out of its use of any temporary worker supplied to the client.

Engagement of Temporary Workers

  1. If a client (or any associated firm or company) wishes to engage a temporary worker on a permanent basis as an employee, the client shall notify First Call in wiring. After such notification the client agrees to hire the temporary worker for a further 13-week period and pay temporary charges for that further 13-week period. After such time the temporary worker will become the clients’ employee. There will be no further charge to the client. Such a temporary worker having already worker for the client, for however short a period, shall be deemed satisfactory and no refund of charges will be made.

Failure to Notify

  1. (i) If the client (or any associated firm or company) engages a temporary worker as an employee within 6 months of a temporary worker having worked for a client and fails to comply with Clause 17, the client will be liable, from the date of commencement of employment with the client (or any associated firm or company) to pay immediately a lump sum equivalent to the total sum that would have been paid, had the client complied with Clause 17.

       (ii) Clause 10 of these terms and conditions will apply to accounts due under Clause 18(i).

Unsatisfactory Temporary Workers

  1. Where a temporary worker supplied by First Call is unsatisfactory for a client’s reasonable requirements, the client should terminate the temporary worker’s engagement immediately. The client should notify First Call of the termination as soon as possible and in any event within 8 hours of the temporary worker first rendering services for the client. In such circumstances no charge will be payable by the client.

Exclusions – Temporary Workers

  1. First Call takes pride in the services it provides and strives to ensure that temporary workers supplied are satisfactory and suitable for the client’s requirements. First Call cannot however guarantee or warranty the ability of any temporary worker supplied.

Failure to Supply Temporary Workers

  1. First Call will endeavour to provide a temporary worker for the period of a booking, as requested by the client. The client accepts that First Call cannot however accepted liability under any circumstances whatsoever for failing to supply a temporary worker, whether for all or any part of a booking.


  1. First Call shall not be liable to any act or omission of a temporary worker, in any circumstances whatsoever, nor can First Call be liable for any other loss damage cost or expenses however caused resulting directly or indirectly from the supply to the client of a temporary worker.

Additional Conditions

  1. In addition, and without prejudice to the foregoing terms and conditions the following additional terms and conditions relate to drivers supplied by First Call.

  2. First Call will as far as reasonably possible try and ensure that in accordance with First Call standard practice all drivers are interviewed, references, relevant licenses and documents are checked, and information is obtained pertaining to previous hours worked. First Call cannot however warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information relating to previous hours worked unless a driver supplied has worked exclusively for other clients of First Call for a period of seven days immediately preceding the supply of the driver to the client.

  3. The client is responsible for issuing and collecting Tachograph Discs, maintain vehicle safety and maintaining all applicable insurances under the Road Traffic Acts. The client is responsible for ensuring that the drivers supplied comply with relevant legislation and more particularly clients must satisfy themselves that all licenses and other documentation relating to a driver are valid and in order prior to allowing a driver to take control of a vehicle.

  4. It is the responsibility of the client to check that Tachograph regulations have been complied with and to confirm hours driven. Hours signed for on a timesheet can not be made subject to tachograph.  

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